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I didn't know there was Something missing until I found You. It was like stumbling upon An unharmed sand dollar After spending a lifetime Collecting broken bits of Sea glasses. We are perfect accident Brought together by the Ebb and flow Of fate's turquoise tides. _Niran†. . . ©The poem zone All rights reserved !!… Continue reading Beachcombing

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Her Beauty

Whatever she wore She wore it best. From madness, To that little black dress. Even when her eyebrows Were a mess, There was still no Contest, Between her and The rest. Jealous were also rose Of her fragrant glows Her zest stole me of my heart And it would steal the rest of your part… Continue reading Her Beauty


Sharing my love with pain

Now this is something I’ve read after a long time .
Beautifully Expressed & the words are very deep with their meaning.

The Rendezvous Club

When I walked out from the edge

I knew, what I was doing, still. . .

I opted for destruction

I knew I would fall, I knew I would break

But still I chose this, I chose pain

Think of this, what if love and pain switched their names

Then I would be the most loved.

As I fell from the vast sky into the deep space

The only thing that I could think of was

Your ostentatious smile, oh! How much

They deceived me, you swindled me

With the sparks in your eyes,

Now I’m jilted by your pretentious love, my love!

I could only teeter after I first met you

For in that very moment itself

I’ve lost myself to you

But I would do this all over again

Even though I know it would only kill me,

Decimate my cells and destroy my soul

But I would…

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Happy birthday to my fellow follower Nirant Gurav!

Aaahhhhhhhh….now this is out of box for me on this special day . Really guys she is amazing 🙌🙌 🙌💯

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Just got a news that today is the special day of one of my family blogger. Being a part of WordPress, I request you all to be a part of his great day and shower him with your kind words and warm wishes. Happy birthday, Nirant! You are an active follower of mine and I am honoured to have you in my blogger’s family. I wish you all the luck and youthful days. Live wild and live young ❤

Party hard and reblog this post to let others know it’s your day and get warm wishes from your fellows.


I would love to celebrate and wish each and every follower of mine on their special day like this as I love you all the same. I would request you all to inform me about your birthday on your special day or a day before. I love to celebrate and share…

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She was a little all over the place, that was for sure. But the good news is that when she loved, she loved big. And if she loved you, you knew she loved you You never had to wonder. _Niran†. . . ©The poem Zone All rights reserved !! 🎀Happy Blogging 🎀