Love Poem


When I’m ill,

would you pull the

blanket over me?

When my cars broken

down, will you come

& rescue me?

When I snap away from


will you wrap your arms

around me?

When I’m sad,

will you talk through

what’s bothering me?

When I’m not at my best,

will you be able to

still love me?




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All rights reserved !!

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25 thoughts on “When”

  1. When you’re sick, I will make sure you keep warm and break that fever
    when your car is broken down,I will help you fix it
    when you have a nightmare i will beside you huging you and say everything is okay im here now
    whenever you’re sad i will find a way to make you smile and laugh
    when you’re not you’re self i will always love you thu your bad and worst day

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