beauty, Love Poem

Sleeping or Slipping

Beady eyes & makeshift smiles.

Downcast looks that stretch for miles.

Shoulders hunched, the weight too strong.

Don’t make a sound, just trudge along.

A pillowcase filled up with dreams,

nightmare galors,

& teary streams.

Lay down your head, close off your heart.

Dream of life, of love, of art.

If life is easier when you’re not there

and dreams let you forget despair,

Then ask yourself, what else is there?

Am is sleeping away

Or Slipping away?




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All rights reserved !!

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36 thoughts on “Sleeping or Slipping”

      1. Hahahaha it’s not a big deal for you but I suffer a lot & suffering now also with my name .
        No one gets my name proper wen it comes to pronounce in 1st attempt 😫,
        So I always need to tell them twice & thrice that this is this & that is that lmao πŸ˜‚

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  1. Love the flow of your poem. Well written and the best part was the last verse. Hope to see more of your good work. Good luck and keep up the hardwork

    Liked by 3 people

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