2nd Nomination for Liebster award.

1st of all, I want to thank the pretty blogger Thought for change for nominating me for Liebster award.

About Award:-
As far as I know, being nominated is the same as receiving the award. The receiver nominates several others who can then nominate several others, and so forth. It’s not really an award, more a recognition for a blog you like that may not have many visitors. A blogger answers questions posed to them by the person who nominated them. You can refer this for the overall reference.


1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.

2. Answer the questions you were asked .

3. Share 10 Facts about yourself.

4. Nominate bloggers for award.

5. Ask nominees 10 questions.

Fact about myself:-

1. I love having interaction with everyone.

2. Love reading & keep trying out some good stuff.

3. My aim is to stay humble.

4. I am very much lazy about my belongings.

5. I won’t feel shy, as I think_ this is our big enemy who stop us for doing what we want & stop expressing ourself in society.

6. As a media student & growing up in Mumbai Hub , I learned lot about discipline and respect.

7. I respect women’s, girls & assured that they won’t feel uncomfortable of my company.

8. I love Nature , pets.

9. Last but no the least, I like to spend time with small kiddos ,as their innocence bring some kind of happiness that we mostly won’t get to experience & 2nd ly ,with the old aged people , because whenever I interact with them , I feel very much confident & shows how huge life we have in front of ourself .

So here is start with big task of answering the questions .

Q1. What do you prefer to read poems, short stories or Novels?

Ans:- Well , writing poems is my hobby & coming to your question- I always enjoy reading short stories & that too of horror short stories which bring out some creepy fear .😌

Q2. What do you think about make Chauvinist?

Ans:- Okay, so Chauvinist is nothing but just narcissistic who is self created by his own behavior thoughts and surrounding..It also depends on the person’s past.

Q3. If women identified herself as a Feminist, would that border you?

Ans:- Nope, infact women need to understand it more widely and even men! The women of the society will know first and encourage their children to be feminist, that’s how equality will rise.

Q4. Who’s your Role model?

Ans:- I don’t have any particular role model ,because I don’t follow anyone . I just meant with my business .

Q5. What’s your favorite movie?

Ans:- My fav movie is “The karate Kid”. As this movie keep pumping up ,that whatever happens , u don’t have to bend down . Just have to achieve your aim .

Q6. What’s your take on war?

Ans:- ahhh this topic I won’t like , but answering it , war is something which destroy the mindset of every individual internally & externally too. As I’m not interested in this topic ,I won’t share as many thoughts from my side. I always keep myself away from this shit.

Q7. Do you think white lies are okay?

Ans:- Yeah, white lies are diplomatic answers, which arw okay to use..

Q8. Have you ever felt like giving up blogging?why?

Ans:- No! I won’t feel like giving up , as this is the only medium where is enjoy of what I’m doing & keep myself busy in search of stuff & keep writing.

Q9. Friends or Family?

Ans:- well this is something I won’t expected. But I think both of them plays vital role in our life. As a teenager , m almost out of house for 15-20 hrs a day wid my fellow friends. And this prove that I feel comfortable with them ,that’s y is share some quality time with them . And talking about parents , whenever I’m at home, always feel secure ,cuz I know there are 2 people ,who always stand with me in my ups & downs of my life. So this was opinion & I think I have wrote an big answer 😜 to your question.

Q10. How do you start your day?

Ans:- I always start my day in a lazy manner . & Surf for some new feed on social media to have good source of interaction.

Q11. Who do you love the most in the world?

Ans:- I love those who respect me, who stand with me & most importantly the ones who listen to me . And also my parents .

Here are my Nominees:-



Thought for Change


Here are my questions to my Nominees :-

Q1. How did you pick your blog’s name ?

Q2. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your 13years old self ?

Q3. What’s your favorite TV show ?

Q4. 3 things you cannot live without ?

Q5. What is your most prized possession ?

Q6. Describe yourself in 3 words .

Q7. What does your perfect day look like ?

Q8. Which animal best define you & why?

Q9. Where do you most want to travel, but have never been ?

Q10. What has been your biggest Challenge ?

43 thoughts on “2nd Nomination for Liebster award.”

    1. Yea sure I will ,but due to hectic schedule ,don’t feel that m ignoring all nomination . I will surely go wid it & post it in coming days . M seeking for admission in MMM dats y ,sum busy days 😟

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  1. And one more thing Nirant this is an actual Award. The Award will be given at January I think. But only one person will receive it.

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      1. They’ll announce it on their website. There’s a link to their website on the post. But first you need to comment the link to your Award nominations post on their website. 😊

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  2. I love all your answers especially the one to question no 9. πŸ˜‰ I also feels the same. We kind of have similar tastes.

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