Recognition Award.

Hello fella’s , this is my 1st Recognition Award & want to thank penfila from the bottom of my heart for nominating me for this one. And also sorry for posting it too late.

All your warm wishes & loads of love made me a better writter. Guys you should definitely take a look at my friend’s Penfila blogs .

This girl has a raw talent of writing quality stuff & keep writing on the topics which our fellow society feel very much regretfull to talk & express their thoughts.

Some serious love from my side dear to you & have a bright future ahead .

➡️ The Story .

As you all know me through my poems & my site name Poem zone clear it out. I have made my zone on WordPress, where each & every person who show love to my writing & follow back, had become the part of my life .

I’m very much thankful to all of you for coming in mah life.

I started my blogs in the start of May , as one of professor told me that you write some quality poems & use WordPress as a medium to express it in the masses.

In the start I was very much confused, ‘coz after visiting WordPress ,I saw lots of people writing writing on several topics & if I keep writing my poems on this blogs , so will it work for me? Will audience gathered at my site? But at the end I decided to go wid my stuff& started writing .

And from day one ,I got good response. People started appreciating my work.

I always publish my poems in 2-3 days gap, because I think writing poem is not only building up the paragraph & make it rhymes, but writing poem is something where you convey your message through your writing & most probably ,readers should understand the stuff you are writing. So whenever I start my new poem , I keep surfing on various social media for words.

➡️ Piece of advice

I rarely give advice to anyone , but the only thing in blog writing is to have faith in yourself. ⚫In start you will get confiused , ⚫ when u will get in the flow , peeople will criticize about your writing ⚫ sometimes you will not get what you want

🔹But if you have faith in yourself ,& keep writing then I think you achieve your aim .


1. Write a post to show your award.

2. Thank the bloger who nominted you.

3. Give brief story of how you started .

4. Give advice to upcoming bloggers.

5. Nominate bloggers who you believe deserve to be recognized.

➡️ Nominees


shantanu Baruah


Enjoy your day

🎀Happy blogging🎀

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