Maybe I’m not a Poet

Maybe I’m not a Poet

like everyone else

Says, because I spend hours

hunched over keyboards

& Papers & Pens,

only to find a blank page

Staring black.

And even when I do find

the words, the blood

doesn’t run

through the ink

like it’s supposed to.

Maybe I’m not a Poet.

Maybe I’ve just made friends

with all these words,

because when everyone else

is fast asleep,

they are the ones

who listen .




©The poem zone

All rights reserved !!

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83 thoughts on “Maybe I’m not a Poet”

  1. Love it. It poetically resumes what a lot of us writers feel once in a while. That writers block. Though those words resounding in our head become our best friends 😉 because tjey refuse to leave until we do something with them on paper 😅 And yes, because they listen more than even people do. And may I add. You are not A simple poet. You are a VERY TALENTED poet. And I am very glad I came across your blog and look forward to reading more of your work. 💛 Sincerely, JR

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    When its all done and dusted
    When the critics have whined
    and the fans have smiled
    But you still wake up,
    with a burning desire
    For one more word…
    When your pen run out of ink..
    but you still thirst
    for one more line,
    your conscience may judge you.
    A poet you remain…….

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  3. Hey! Glad to have come across your blog. Loved this poem, it’s beautifully penned. The beginning is very relatable for me. 😄 And I love the idea of being friends with words, haha, that’s so comforting, there is a deep sense of truth in your words. It’s lovely. 😇

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