Mystery Blogger Award

This time it’s Mystery Blogger Award. This is my 1st award & I’m feeling happy as always.

Wanna thanx a beautiful friend Himanshi for nominating me .

Himanshi is a beautiful soul & has some exceptionally writing skills. I’ve learned a lot from her blogs . You do guys also visit her site The world from my eyes for interesting stuff.


➡️Put the award logo on your blog.

➡️List the rules.

➡️Thank the person who nominted you.

➡️Tell your readers ,3 thing about

➡️Nominate bloggers for award

➡️Answer the questions asked

#3 things about Myself:-

➡️I love interacting with everyone.

➡️I’m very much lazy towards my belongings.

➡️And I forgot lots of things on regular intervals.

*See this nomination, my dear friend nominated me way back, but I forgotten totally , but thanx to Penfila , who made me remember of this award. & Sorry Himanshi for late posting .

#Q&A section:-

➡️How would you introduce your blog?

🅰️ I wanted a name that reflected our life as a heart , but one which would also be appropriate for describing our love too.

➡️Who is your life’s inspiration?

🅰️ I don’t have any life inspiration, coz m very much knneen wid my work.

➡️What’s that dream that you won’t get tired of chasing?

🅰️ A dream for being a reputed poet & also a reputed Human being.

➡️ Your motto of a happy life?

🅰️ Just to stay happy & keep spreading smile in your surroundings. It’s free of cost 😉.

➡️One such thing that you miss doing today, but was once a part of your daily routine?

🅰️Playing Cricket , coz m very much serious of two things in life:-

  • Writing poems
  • Playing Cricket.

Hope you all enjoyed my answers as u always do 😉

Mi Questions:-

➡️How important is your WiFi for you?

➡️Will you return home after travels or will you search for new place to explore?

➡️What is the the number one thing you miss about being stationary ( not constantly on the move)?

➡️Is there a sport you had loved to try, but haven’t yet?

➡️If you could have a superpower, what would it be?


Chandni Asnani

Foolchund Saahil


Hope you all have a good day 🙌

🎀 Happy Blogging 🎀

34 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award”

  1. OMG! It’s after years and years that someone nominated me for an award here. I’m drowning in tears of joy. 😿 Thankyou so much. Oh, I have prepared a speech too. *I would like to thank my friends and family and everyone who supported me and thought me capable of recieving this award.* 😹😹

    Anyways, I loved your answers, especially the dream one, and also the one where you mentioned cricket! Keep going. 🌼 And thankyou for nominating me, this gave me more ideas to blog about.
    -Firefly 🐝

    Liked by 4 people

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