Get to know me Tag Part-3

I pay my heartful gratitude to Swathi for nominating me for this tag . I’ve loved last two tags & enjoyed answering questions 😉.

Now talking about Swathi , I think I will introduce her in my 10th question. 😊

➡️#Q& A :-

➡️Do you judge the people before meeting?

🅰️ Well I don’t judge people before & after the meet . ‘Coz I think each one is good with thier views & opinion & judging them will imbalance in covo.

➡️What do you think when you see the Beautiful sunset?

🅰️ Frankly speaking, till date I’ve never seen the sunset 😅, . So I think you have got the answer.

➡️If your friend is crying, what would you do?

🅰️ If I get to know that my friend is crying, so the 1st thing I’ll do is that I’ll call him/her. Try to make them stable & make things easy through conversation.

➡️Is there any relationship between friendship and love?

🅰️As per mi opinion , Most of the time love start through friendship & strong bonding . So there is a big relation between this two.

➡️Let us assume one tall banana tree. There are 4 animals – lion, squirrel, giraffe, chimpanzee. According to you which will get the banana first?

🅰️ According to me , Chimpanzee will get his hands on banana 1st , because squirrel can climb & reach to the top but, squirrel are so small animals , they cannot handle the weight of banana😎, & we all know Chimpanzee are very much fond of bananas & can climb the tree easily .

So Chimpanzee is the answer.

➡️You do not usually initiate conversation . Agree or Not?

🅰️It depends on the person & the situation.

➡️What is the most difficult thing you have done for love?

🅰️ The difficult thing I’ve done for love is having long chats with every gals 😑 to impress them 😅, but at the end ,I impress them all😜

➡️Which is your biggest regret?

🅰️ Biggest regret was leaving cricket . I guarantee that I’ve played long , if I got a quality support.

➡️Who is your most favorite person in the world?

🅰️No one is favorite for me , all person are treated equally from my side 😊

➡️What do you think about me?

🅰️Well now it’s the time to introduce her SWATHI.

Now what to talk about her . Crazy girl ,but excellent with her behavior & exceptionally talented with her writing .

Always eat my brain 24×7 🤧, & ready to argue only with me on silly topics. & Yesss one thing to tell ….

She always loose to me at the end of the argument 🤣.


➡️Thanks the blogger who nominted you.

➡️Answer the Get to know me questions.

➡️Nominate bloggers

➡️Pass on the same questions.




The kabby

8 thoughts on “Get to know me Tag Part-3”

  1. Hey..u….Till now..I never lose against u…I always win…😂😂😂😛😛😛 and…U too the crazy boi… Ur and for 6 & 7 ques😂😂😂😂😂made me to laugh..😛😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah!!!…..I like to chat with u only and suck ur brain becoz I really love ur company,ma lil bro…😛😛..and one thing..till now I’ve never lost to u😛

        Liked by 2 people

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