Three days lyrics Challenge -#Day 1

Hello guys . I’ve been nominated for this unique Lyrics Challenge by one of myfavourite & talented writer “http://Aprendiz .Thank you very much for nominating me for this kind of challenges.

Talking about songs , I love listening songs which refresh my vibes for a long lasting day .

➡️ Rules:-

⏺️Thank the person who nominted you.

⏺️Share some of your favorite songs lyrics for 3 days.

⏺️Nominate 3 more bloggers each day .

➡️ Lyrics Day -1

💿Miss You

Is it my imagination?
Is it something that I’m taking?
All the smiles that I’m faking
Everything is great
Everything is fucking great
Going out every weekend
Staring at the stars or the ceiling
Hollywood friends, got to see them
Such a good time
I believe it this time


This is one of the song I listen oftenly & loved it . You all should turn up into ur music list to enjoy it .

Well this is a unique & interesting chalenge ,so I’m keeping it open for all .

🎀 Happy Blogging 🎀

24 thoughts on “Three days lyrics Challenge -#Day 1”

  1. Hay Bae how are you today? And I’ve been doing okay But Been had a lot on my mind but don’t worry I’m doing okay and Also i hope you are doing okay and I will comment and like on you’re next post 🙂

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  2. Same and also i have to get off at 8:30 to take my pills before bed to help me sleep and also I won’t be able to talk because i did something bad so now i am grounded bc i mouthed off to my mom so i am grounded for a week and also i am at my nana’s today til thrusday

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      1. I hope you’re doing fine Ney Bae And i am sick and but i doing okay and Also i will being posting another post tomorrow I hope you like it And i hope you are doing okay and Keep up the good work on your postes their really good you put your heart and soul into it

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  3. It’s Beautiful
    And Also I love these kind of songs even if the words are in a diffenet lang i would still listen to them because i like the beat and the voices when they sing the song it’s very peaceful

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