The world we live in

What a world we live in

with an irony sky

& rotten ground,

Poisoned waters

& dreadful sounds.

Air so heavily covered

with a though thick smoke

it’s like mother hearts,

having a stroke.

Killing ourselves

slowly but surely

feeding discase instead

of finding the cure.




©The poem zone

All rights reserved !!

🎀 Happy Blogging 🎀

45 thoughts on “The world we live in”

    1. Now dis made my early morning pretty awesome . U r such a beautiful soul dear . The kind of comments u gave are very much valuable & means a lot to me for my future writings .
      I think rebirthshande is not your real name !!


  1. Nirant your poem just made me wonder that this world ain’t getting better as claimed by the revolutionists. We are just making it worse in the quest of a better world. Beautifully written poem.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have expressed the conditions of our contemporary life through a astonishingly beautiful poem through powerful words.
    Here lies the power of an efficient writer ## Proud of you brother 💐
    Keep sharing


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