I gave…..

I gave , I gave ,

I gave until nothing

Of me is left

maybe that’s how I love,

giving and


without talking,


Until my hands are bloodied

from wrenching my heart open,

Until my heart’s bruised & scarred

for wearing it on my sleeve

to often and

tooo long.

I gave and gave

until I’m no more, until I’m m

But a canvas full of empty spaces

& Bullet holes.




Β©The poem Zone

All rights reserved !!

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40 thoughts on “I gave…..”

  1. When i really love someone i give up anything to keep them happy and Also when i really love someone i would rather have my heart bleed out so that person can have a longer life then i did growing up from being bullied and being called names getting told to go home and kill someone i love so much i want the person who i love live a better life then i did but I will always be by their side through bad and good sick and health poor and rich I will do anything to keep that person happy even when we have a fight i will hug him and say everythings gonna be okay

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