I was Happy with you

I wanted you to know

How happy I was with you

I swear, I tried

Reminding myself

Of that too

But no matter how hard I try

To make myself realise

These wounds

You inflicted me

Reminded me

Of the jet stream of pain

Sorrow & Misery

Giving me flashbacks

Of the day

You left me.




Β©The poem Zone

All rights reserved !!

πŸŽ€Happy Blogging πŸŽ€

70 thoughts on “I was Happy with you”

      1. I didn’t walk off from want we have…I’m still standing by your side always I hope we can still date? Luve ya

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  1. I feel that some times some different things get to me. I have a tough out side with a leather tough inside soul at times. Better to let music destroy all my objections to what I come across at times.

    I pick The Kentucky Headhunters Awesome group country rock I think

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      1. Yeah mate I’m very much thankful to her to come in my life .
        & Talking about insult , so she is a beautiful soul I ever had in mah life till date πŸ’™.
        And thank youuuuuuuu for stopping by and appreciating mi work Sanika 😊


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