Love Poem


These nights

My sweet daffodil

Are calmer with you

With our hands tied together

As we drift a new

To our world where we’ll feel

Serenity and Glee

Where no thief can steal

Our hearts so free.

So I asked you

Are you willing to stay?

You smiled

& Poured honey

Then we ran away.




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All rights reserved !!

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107 thoughts on “Daffodil”

      1. Every true writer has a beautiful soul because without it he will not create anything beautiful.πŸ’—
        You can buy a lot of things, but not what is valuable.
        Yesterday I read a few of your works and they are beautiful because you can see that it is real. And I love authenticity even though it is not easy because you never know how to take the other side.
        If I write not clearly, I apologize but I am not a language master πŸ™Šhaha ​​and this barrier is the worst.πŸ˜•

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      2. I’m honest, I do not like lies and negativism, but I know people live on that. Because it is easier, destroying others gives them happiness and I have a different approach to life. I love lifeπŸ’—, people because you can learn a lot from them, even though sometimes the language barrier can work. I do not like it if everyone spoke in one language it would be better. 😟

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      3. The truth hurts, lies addictive.The golden rule.πŸ˜‹
        How old are you sweet poet?😏
        Is this a secret?πŸŽπŸ™Š
        Because there was nothing written on the explosive cake. πŸ™Š

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