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One more day !!

For one more day…

I would smile more & chase the wind with a kite .

For one more day…

I wouldn’t hold anyone else to my own standards except myself !!

For one more day…

I would try to find my self less & create myself more !!

For one more day…

I would silence my mind and listen to my heart !!




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192 thoughts on “One more day !!”

  1. For one more day, I would become one with these falling rain and dream to touch every broken pieces of the earth, cry with every broken hearts and smile with the lovers. For once I will be anywhere and everywhere πŸ–€

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      1. I am actually envious of you bcoz you write such amazing poem…..I always think that how can someone write good poems…..What inspires you to write….🌸🌸

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