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As a man you shouldn’t do this, as a man you shouldn’t do that !

As a woman you shouldn’t do this, as a woman you shouldn’t do that !


Stop being immature !!

And realise there’s no role in relationship.

Equality is the key word here !!

The effort should be equal, the trust should be equal.

The consistency and commitment should be equal .

Love should be equal.

That’s all you should be considering !!

_Niranโ€ .



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107 thoughts on “Equality”

  1. Greetings! This is amazing!! Enjoyed reading every single bit and look forward to reading more! I was wondering if you could checkout my new piece on living in a hierarchical patriarchal structure where slut shaming still exists. And I would really appreciate it if you could comment some feedback to improve the writing style. Looking forward to hearing from you. โ€“ Kiran

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    1. Yesss actually ,is this a job or any kind of task that there has to be role of every individual ??? No ri8 ?
      It’s love which comes from heart & sometimes just end up as attraction , so all we have to do is “enjoy & feel” it


  2. ๐Ÿ‘ If the whole human population acted upon that the word would be a much better place.
    Hopefully someday we’ll get there.

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  3. Love is never equal,
    Love is never considerate,
    Love is always willing and demanding,
    Love will be like a swing moving between two extremes,
    That is the fun of love…
    Beautiful post as ever, Brother…

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