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Two Asteroids

I’m glad we collided like two Asteroids

From different planets

And somehow you turned into my world !!

Leaving nothing but your pieces on my heart

And your imprints on my brain

So that I would always have something to hold.

Little did I know you were a comet

A shooting star, destined for the brighter things.

Luckily I was blessed enough to see one of you in all my years !!




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172 thoughts on “Two Asteroids”

  1. Nirant we all are like these two asteroids which met somewhere and collided… we didn’t break into pieces as the phenomenon would occur, but we merged into each other and became fast friends…

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    1. Ahaaaaaaa now dis is something special on this day !!
      I loved it ❀️❀️❀️❀️
      That was sweet !!
      Wish u d same Ameet ❀️ and Thank you for ur kind read ☺️

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