Love Poem, Poem

Broken Starlight

I don’t know what to do with all the broken Starlight you left in my sky.

I have not enough light to fix it,

and far to much space for it’s pieces to fill !!

So I suppose I will wait here

For a meteor shower to come along and illuminate me !!

And in the meantime

I’ll try not to fall into the black hole.




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All Rights Reserved !!

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181 thoughts on “Broken Starlight”

  1. Superb!πŸ‘ Starlight is to love, we wonder if we are left with enough love to fill the broken spaces, after being broken our self, but we just wait and time passes by and that meteor shower might as well be the passing of time to heal you and you are filled with light again, and escaped the black hole of previous cracks. Love it😍❀️

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  2. I love the metaphors and the way you used the words! Love the poem as usual Nirant. Keep writing and sharing the heart touching poems 😊

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