Love Poem, Poem


I never told her, i love her. Not once.

I always thought our love was a love that spoke for itself,

As natural as the shovel

Whispering memories through the dirt.

Today I burry her with a mouthful of kisses that never reached her lips,

And a handful of love letters that never touched the corner of her heart.




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All Rights Reserved !!

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109 thoughts on “Unrequited”

  1. Your poems are amazing, Nirant ! I’m falling in love with your work as soon as I’m going through all yours poems…All your poems have emotions that can sense nd have a so rhythmic effect. .

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  2. ” It was inevitable : The scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love.”
    Read this somewhere.
    Not getting your feelings reciprocated hurts so muchπŸ’”

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  3. Your vision of thinking is magnificent, which always surprises everyone… & I just lost in the wave of your extremely powerful words…πŸ’―

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