Love Poem, Poem


There are memories of people long gone of reassigned phone numbers that I can’t delete of love that will never die.

There are memories of people present with unreturned messages of cancelled appointments of friendship I can’t let go.

There are memories of people yet to meet. Moments that might come of hope yet to be,

And love that has not been born.

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128 thoughts on “Memories”

  1. Hey dear!
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  2. Keep Writing Nirant…..
    Don’t Wait For The Best Verse….
    Write Something Even If Feels Like Crap….
    There Is A Saying – – –
    “Don’t Be Afraid To Write Crap, Because Crap Makes Great Fertilizer”
    Have A Great Day Year And Years Ahead 😊

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    1. Thank you for your kind words β™₯️
      Btw ur site is having bugs maybe fix it coz I’m trying to follow u and it’s not happening as it’s showing dis site is deleted


      1. Hello Nirant I feel that you deserved this nomination. I have always liked your writing and other bloggers feel the same way. When you have time to do this Nirant it is alright.

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  3. Such a touchful poem, Nirant. So true that sometimes when people leave our lives for another chapter, they still linger. When someone leaves, we long for them and really, long for something good again. Hope you are doing well and take care.

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    1. Oh Mabel , u just articulated mi article so beautiful in such less words .
      I loved the way u took this concept of memory ❀️
      I’m doing all good and thank you so much for your kind read !!


  4. Spring…the time of change and cleaning up our own ‘houses” or wagon of life. Change is inevitable, people r always coming and going. When people stay or keep spending time with u is the moments to cherish. Being an adult isnt all that fantastic. Friendships along the way teach us something. Take this knowledge and keep on ur focused path in life. U have dreams u r after. Things u want to do. People u want to see and others u havnt met yet

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  5. I love especially the last verse:

    There are memories of people yet to meet. Moments that might come of hope yet to be,

    And love that has not been born.

    Simply beautiful! ❀

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