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You are my favorite season…

Although I knew you couldn’t stay for long…

You somehow became my favourite season

Coming and going

Leaving traces of your magic

Leaving my mind to pick up the curves of your smile…

For me to look back to when you were too far for me to hold

You were my favourite

The summer before the fall

Too bad you couldn’t stay, atlest not for long..

But I’ve to do this for me

I’ve to let you go,

As do the leaves do in fall.

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62 thoughts on “You are my favorite season…”

      1. Oh dear I’m all good and surely making a comeback with mi poem today itself !!
        And thanks for ur constant support , u can feel free to connect me on instagram !!
        Mi username !


  1. Another thoughtfully written poem, Nirant. Really like how it started off very hopeful in love, like a summer love. And then it ends very nicely with the love fading away into the fall. Wonderful sequencing and great choice of words to evoke timelines. Hope you are doing well and stay safe.

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  2. “You were my favourite, the summer before the fall” “I’ve to let you go, As do the leaves do in fall”. The relation between these lines and to the experience does the trick for me. Lovely poem man!

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      1. There is a second wave of the pandemic in Victoria, seriously bad. There are also active cases in Sydney. Here in Queensland where I live it is slowly starting up again, we are very worried. I stay at home unless it’s essential to go out. I hope you are well and safe.

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