Love Poem, Pain


Leave before I get used to your smell... Leave before I need your arms around me for sleep !! Leave before I ache for kisses... Leave before I see into your eyes Nothing could be ever prepare me for this... Nothing could ever hurt me like this... So leave now, before I fall in love… Continue reading Leave


The lie game

' You know how I got these scars? , ' he asked. ' From me loving you too much ? ,' She guessed. ' No. I got these scars from wounds inflicted by lies like you telling me you loved me too much. ' _Niran†. . . ©The Poem Zone All Rights Reserved !! 🎀Happy… Continue reading The lie game


Sharing my love with pain

Now this is something I’ve read after a long time .
Beautifully Expressed & the words are very deep with their meaning.

The Rendezvous Club

When I walked out from the edge

I knew, what I was doing, still. . .

I opted for destruction

I knew I would fall, I knew I would break

But still I chose this, I chose pain

Think of this, what if love and pain switched their names

Then I would be the most loved.

As I fell from the vast sky into the deep space

The only thing that I could think of was

Your ostentatious smile, oh! How much

They deceived me, you swindled me

With the sparks in your eyes,

Now I’m jilted by your pretentious love, my love!

I could only teeter after I first met you

For in that very moment itself

I’ve lost myself to you

But I would do this all over again

Even though I know it would only kill me,

Decimate my cells and destroy my soul

But I would…

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