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Lonely Nights

I miss you...!! I know I'm not supposed to tell you that. But I do... I miss our goofiness I miss your stupidity I miss our superhero invincibility back when It was us against the world and we won !! I miss you !! _Niran†. . . ©The Poem Zone All Rights Reserved !! 🎀Happy… Continue reading Lonely Nights

Pain, Poem, self love

I’m a beautiful mess !!

I've lied, hurt, broke & tarnished the loveliest soul. Don't be fooled, this actions have been practiced on me. I've given, saved, been there for these souls in the toughest times. Done the impossible, & sacrificed myself for the proper happiness. Simply I'm a beautiful mess that is meaningless...!! I burned down in tears &… Continue reading I’m a beautiful mess !!