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The Missing

There is so much

missing” in my

heart today.

And it is the worst

kind of “missing

one, can do.

The kind,

where people stay

missing” on purpose.

Because they don’t

know how to tell

you that they

feel “The missing”





Β©The poem zone

All rights reserved !!


72 thoughts on “The Missing”

  1. I been missing someone so badly….Which is my Sister who lives in P.A i miss her and also i’m gone be a aunt too so happy but i also miss my old friends too one of them lost 2 of their close friends 4 months apart and i just been missing the most amazing person ever right now

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      1. I sure hope so and now i have a smile and it hurts bc i am smiling so big lol she is due in april i might be going up their to see my real dad and my sister who i havent seen since i was 12…Well it’s 8:30 I will be on tomorrow So i will talk to you then have a good day

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      1. Yea , but promise me won’t repeat it
        One of my mate adithya posted an unique post about weird habbit , so I told my weird habbit that , sometimes when I’m busy , my tongue comes out 🀦, ……so she gave me the tag of “tongue warrior” πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

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