The Awesome Impact Award

Hello everyone..!!

I’m back here with another award & this one is

http://Awesome Impact Award

I’m glad to get nominated for this Award by one of the very talented person I mate in recent days.

So guys do visit do visit Meet blogs . A fantastic Blogger & writings are just readable.


Here is the link , follow this site guys . I guarantee you will enjoy the stuff on this blog .

Thank you so much Meet for nominating me for this award .

Glad to have u in mi zone πŸŽ€


  • Thanks the blogger who nominted you
  • Take the Awesome Impact Award picture & put it in your post.
  • Nominate other bloggers for this award.

The incident that impacted me positively is:-

Okay…! So there is not any one reason or incident that impacted my life in positive way , but yess ,i would like to share one of it .

1st of all ,I don’t count me self as a poet . I don’t have that kind of greatness & dedication towards poems ,like many reputed poets have . I just write for the sake of enjoyement .

A year ago , I was totally different , like the guy who was busy wasting his life 24Γ—7 . No aim , no idea what to do . Just enjoying a colourful life . And I stay in Mumbai , so I think everyone knows the life of teenager who is living in Mumbai hub.

I was having this hobby of writing poems from my childhood, but didn’t gave time for all this.

Later one of mi lovely Prof told me to do Blogging on WordPress . She believed in me & helped me out coming here & guided me to get into this functions.

Whenever I complete with mi poem , I 1st show it to her & she guide me with mi grammatical mistakes & then only I post it here .

It’s mi privilege to have her in my life. So yessssss…!!!!!

I can say that ,this was one of my major incident that totally changed mi behavior & life .

Now I understand the value of words.

So this was one of mine incident which impacted me positively .

Well I know I didn’t explained mi words properly ,but I tried my best . Hope u all got it .

Hope you all didn’t got bored reading it till lastπŸ˜‰.

So I always keep mi Nomination open for everyone , so this one is too open for all .

All you lovely bud have a wonderful days & enjoy in full flowπŸŽ€.

πŸŽ€Happy Blogging πŸŽ€

32 thoughts on “The Awesome Impact Award”

  1. It’s really amazing to have such a teacher who will not just guide you and direct you to a platform but also check your posts before you publish them. You are really blessed. Stay happy and keep writing poetry for enjoyment because that’s what really counts

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