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Love wasn’t the problem !!

“love did not break you.

Love did not lie to you.

Love did not cheat on you.

Someone did, claiming they loved you.

Blinding you to the fact that they weren’t interested in love.

That was not love.

Love does not cheat.

Love is selfless, love is kind.

So don’t give up, don’t give up on love.

Because love isn’t the problem” !!

_Niranโ€ .



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173 thoughts on “Love wasn’t the problem !!”

      1. Maybe itโ€™s because we are not at the moment pure energy like love is? ๐Ÿค” so we donโ€™t have the ability to have a complete understanding of it. Hmm. Itโ€™s fun to think about. ๐Ÿ™‚ The closest Iโ€™ve ever come to experiencing pure love was when holding my babies or during the 1.5 minutes of meditation my brain allows before it gets twitchy. I felt awestruck by it. I think itโ€™s the most powerful force in the universe (that cannot be measured so there is no empirical data). ^_^๐Ÿ’•.

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  1. In My Word –
    Love is a quality, not a work
    Love is a kind of saltiness of emotions. Or you can say sweetness of emotions.
    Love is an unconditional.
    At different stages of life, we all have experienced the love within us.

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      1. One of my friend who is going through a break up is says that he lost his trust in love. This will be the answer i can give to him

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