Love Poem, Poem

Long distance, close heart

You’re in my bed, but in another room

Sometimes I wonder if we’re even in the same world

As though there are three seas

Eight mountain ranges

A desert and tomorrow between us.

Maybe there are, but I stopped counting.

I don’t feel connected to anything but you.




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123 thoughts on “Long distance, close heart”

      1. Oh that sounds good..! But according to my knowledge, I feel if I swallow it, the peristaltic movements will push it down the oesophagus into the small intestine… 😂😂

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  1. Beautiful, Nirant! 🙂 You can still be close to someone at a distance. Nicely expressed for such a paradox loving someone from afar can be. Happy new year to you! Many blessings! 🎆

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    1. Yesss coz all that matter is heart and feelings we hold !!
      Thank you so very much ma’am for ur kind read and lovely words !!
      Means a lot to me !!
      Happy new year to you to and ur loved ones !! ❤️🌹

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      1. Absolutely! Long-distance relationships work when both people love deeply in their hearts. That’s the beauty of love! You are welcome! And thank you Nirant. 💜🙏🙂

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