The Sunshine Blogger Award.

Today I had an awesome , this is my 2nd Nomination for the day & my 1st for Sunshine Blogger Award.

I wanna thank Aditi Tyagi for nominating me for this Award.

She is just a wonderful soul & she has a raw talent of playing with the words. Whenever I read her post , I feel her words, & I think this is the real sign of a good Blogger .

Keep going Aditi & have a Wonderful journey ahead. Wish u all the best for your future writings☺️.


  • Thank the bloger who nominted you
  • Answer the 11 Questions asked
  • Nominate other bloggers
  • List the rules & include the logo of award in the post .

➡️Q&A :-

➡️who is your role model?

🅰️ Well I don’t have any of the role model , coz I don’t follow anyone ,except me .

➡️What’s your favorite Genre of book or movie?

🅰️Talking about books , I love reading comics & talking abt movies ,so I always refer horror movies.

➡️What’s your favorite song?

🅰️Aaaaaaaaa I enjoy each & every song in my playlist, but nowadays I listen to Louis Tomillson Miss you .

➡️What’s the best thing about you?

🅰️The best thing about me is that I’m the real me 😉.

➡️Where do you get your ideas?

🅰️I get my ideas from one of the precious thing I have with me from long years …..& that is mi Brain😉.

➡️ Best friend or love?

🅰️I think both are important, see as per me , I don’t allow people to come close to me ,so datsy I don’t have any kind of best friend , but couple of good ones who stand wid me in mi ups & downs. And coming to love , so ri8 now m busy finding mi love , so whenever I get it , surely I’ll come up wid a quality post 😉😉.

➡️What was the best book or the series that you’ve ever read?

🅰️The best book till date I have read is by Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam . Book name is Turning points.

➡️What is something you think that everyone should do atlest ones in their lives?

🅰️ Everyone should love everyone .

➡️What was the best compliment you have received?

🅰️ Best compliment till date is when I was in my bording school in New Delhi , that time my teacher complimented for mi poem . She was shocked dat time dat he write Soo well 😉.

➡️Who inspires you to do better?

🅰️Mi inner soul . I only listen to him , no matter whatever happens in mah life.

➡️One memory which bring smile on your face?

🅰️Aaah this question I was expecting from long time , well it is the memory when I return back from my bording school & saw my mom face after long years ,was the best memory which brought smile on my face .

Well we’ll I think you’ve got bored wid mAh long answers , coz it was straight away from my heart. 😉🤙.

And this is the 1st time ,I’ll not keep my own question in the board , coz I felt that the questions I got are very interesting to answer . So same questions are by my side😊.

➡️ #Nominees :-




Hope you all have a wonderful day

🎀Hapoy Blogging 🎀

37 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award.”

  1. Haha, congratulations again! Two awards in a single day. You’re getting popular around here. Great answers, btw, I disagree with one. Everyone shouldn’t love everyone. Who will be left to hate then? 😛

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hahaha that what I want , dat there should be love everywhere on dis planet 😉😉 , & yess morning one nomination was of way back which I forgotten to publish 😅 & yeaaa thank you Firefly 🐝 for your sweet words 😊🤝

      Liked by 1 person

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