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See you Again

I’m beginning

to hallucinate

seeing you, in

every face,

every place

that felt like home.

I’m falling

into this reality

accepting that

I have lost

my mind,


to see

you again.

_ Niran†.



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All rights reserved !!

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25 thoughts on “See you Again”

  1. I would call this piece of writing ‘painfully beautiful’. It took me a while to truly understand, there’s a sad feeling all over this write-up that grips me.

    “every face,
    every place
    that felt like home.”
    This phrase just so artistic. I loved it. 🌼

    I felt like the most beautiful part of the poem was not the words that you penned down, but the words that you didn’t! There’s a deep story that runs between the lines and that’s striving to be let out. I found this very intriguing.
    -Firefly 🐝

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